Tune in and turn up

As most are probably aware by now, comedian Charlie Murphy passed away yesterday at 57 after a battle with leukemia.

While the tributes have been countless – from the likes of Chris Rock, Mike Epps, Ice Cube, Paul Mooney and others – many were surely awaiting to see how Dave Chappelle would honor his friend given Murphy’s contributions to Chappelle’s Show.

Chappelle appeared onstage at John Mayer’s Columbus, Ohio concert last night and told the crowd “everybody in comedy is heartbroken” about Murphy’s death, and that he himself was “a sight for sore eyes” after learning the news.

After reminiscing about his Chappelle’s Show days with Murphy, Chappelle asked Mayer to perform “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me,” saying “it reminds me of my friend,” while adding “rest in peace, Charlie Murphy. We love you, we love your comedy, we love your stories, and we love your spirit.”

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