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We all know the age-old advice to simply imagine people in their underwear when you’re nervous, but two artists decided to take that idea one step further.

For their project “Human After All,” Digital artist Markos Kay teamed up with Jan Kriwol, a Polish photographer, to envision what we’d look like if we were stripped all the way down to our circulatory system.

The project, which began in 2012, shows the human body rendered as just our blood vessels, and the resulting images look surprisingly human-like. The figures are shown living their normal lives — eating a burger, smoking a cigarette, and taking a piss – and the only thing that breaks the normalcy of the images — besides the fact the figures don’t actually have bodies — is the hilariously bizarre photo of a figure walking a cat.

Kay and Kriwol’s photos are set in urban spaces across the world, shooting in Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Masada Hill in Israel, Grenoble, Berlin, Brussels and Cape Town. They purposefully shot the figures in places devoid of people to juxtapose the inner workings of our body alongside man-made structures. By doing this, the artists aim to highlight the complexity of nature compared to the mundane structures in our supposedly developed surroundings.

In other news, sleep is the new status symbol, according to The New York Times.

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