One thing legendary punkers and rockstars did exceptionally well? Wear accessories with serious attitude. Sure, guys like Slick Rick, Run DMC and Rakim taught us a thing or two about flexing in big chains and pinky rings (shout out to Radio Raheem and his iconic “love and hate” pieces), but the other side of the musical spectrum never shied away from toeing the line between feminine glamour and masculine confidence.

In today’s style paradigm, more and more hip-hop figures are taking their cues from the gender-bending, societal norm-hating rockers of yore, opting for androgynous modes of dress, vintage tees and shredded-to-death denim. That’s the idea behind our latest editorial, merging the raw, youthful energy of punk accessories in a way that any guy can learn from.

Granted, not every guy can pull these types of looks off (or easily afford many of the pieces featured in the editorial). Which is why we’ve broken down some jewelry rules to keep in mind, sound advice on how to make each one work for you, and similar products at a variety of price points.

These are the new rules of male jewelry. Learn them first, then decide which ones you want to break.

Do your earrings hang low?

Basic studs and hoops aren’t going anywhere, but longer earrings make a bold statement inspired by classic rockstars and exaggerated punk style. These work best with just one. The key is to channel the tough-yet-androgynous vibe like Billy Idol, Siouxsie Soux and George Michael.

It’s definitely going to be a conversation-starter, so the trick to pulling it off is just throwing it on and casually forgetting about it. So when people ultimately ask what’s dangling from your ear, hit them with the ultra low-key: “Oh, this old thing? I dunno, thought it was cool.”

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Turn up the charm

Step up your necklace game with a pendant that makes a statement. Religious imagery is a good go-to, but there are a slew of pendants available ranging from cheeky pop culture references to punk-inspired charms, like bullets and anarchy symbols.

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Go for the gold with your glasses

Step up your frame game with golden wire frame lenses. Channeling ’80s style with a hint of hip-hop glamour, the right wire frames give a bit of vintage appeal to any look. The more like vintage Cazals and timeless Ray-Bans, the better.

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