We all know the pains of snacking at the computer. One minute you’re eating a quick desk lunch, or having a late-night snack. The next, your laptop is covered in crumbs and somehow grease is everywhere. Wype, a new invention which describes itself as a “desktop snack rag,” is here to solve all those snacking woes.

In the video above, Seth Konopasek, one of Wype’s founders, explains the actual usage behind the rag. If you can get through the painfully bad and slightly offensive opening joke, Wype is actually a great idea.

The video shows two scenarios where Wype would come in handy. In the first, a gamer messes up because all the grease and crumbs have broken the keyboard, while in the second a man ruins a business meeting with his snack-covered hands.

The makers of Wype obviously know their market well, billing it as a more effective alternative to paper napkins — or your pants. The Wype itself is made of a custom microfiber treated with antimicrobial solution to keep your hands germ free. Once the wipe gets dirty you can just throw it in the wash and re-use.

Wype’s creators are currently crowdfunding for the product to be brought into existence. You can support them here.

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