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Sevdaliza is no stranger to haunting vocals that can transport you to another dimension, and her latest track “Hubris” is no exception. The Dutch-Iranian musician released the new song yesterday, revealing the surreal artwork for her upcoming album ISON, which does not yet have a confirmed release date.

The cover art features a handmade mask depicting a hyperreal likeness of Sevdaliza. It was created by sculptor Sarah Sitkin, who explains the concept in an interview with VICE’s Creators: “The idea is based around Sevdaliza being the mother to herself and her past lives. It carries her vulnerability stoically. Her features distorted, some omitted, some emphasized. A new form is repeated through her 16 children (number of songs) surrounding her.”

Opening with droning chords and filtered percussion, Sevdaliza’s vocals soon soar over piano, becoming distorted at times as she sings about a failed relationship. Listen to “Hubris” in all its warped delight below.

Revisit the visuals for “Amandine Insensible“ below.

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