Where better to find a cynical mediation on the millennial condition than the David family? Following in her dad’s footsteps, Cazzie David’s debut web series, Eighty-Sixed, has arrived — and it’s everything you’d expect.

Created in tandem with co-writer/director Elisa Kalan, Cazzie plays the role of Remi, a neurotic, self-obsessed narcissist attempting to navigate the unique hell of late teendom.

In one episode, Remi can be seen listlessly hanging out by herself in the kitchen at a party, while another focusses on the intricacies of Instagram etiquette (her friend refuses to upload a selfie as it will screw up her perfectly curated food feed). Throw in a few awkward social encounters and it’s basically Curb Your Enthusiasm for the social media generation, albeit unique enough to stand on its own and deflect any accusations of pastiche.

“I hadn’t really seen an accurate representation of social media on television yet,” Cazzie told Complex. “There are a lot of hashtag and selfie jokes, but not a lot of satirizing the humiliation and obsession behind it in a realistic way.”

Watch episode one in the gallery above, and check out two, three and four in order below.

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