Tune in and turn up

Unlike the rest of the world, Snoop Dogg treats every day like it’s 4/20. So when the big day actually arrives, it’s safe to assume he’s going to be getting lifted to a completely different realm. Along with the rest of the cast from his upcoming film Growhouse, he managed to get the whole of the hotel he was staying in evacuated by setting off the smoke alarms. From smoking. Watch the hazy events unfurl in the video below.

The fire department were immediately called to deal with a potential blaze, but they soon discovered it was actually triggered by Xzibit, Lil Duval, and the writer/director of the film DJ Pooh, who were sparking up with Snoop to celebrate both 4/20 and the film’s release, which is—surprise—released today. Naturally, this left the hotel staff and guests pissed off, whilst the rest of the crew were escorted out visibly a lot more mellow, as you can see from the video.

There may be a lesson in all this, but oh well. Happy 4/20!

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  • Cover Image: Cannabis Culture
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