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Contrary to popular opinion, Tinder isn’t just full of fuckboys or their female equivalents just waiting to ghost you. In fact, Tinder users are more into commitment than their app-averse counterparts, or at least that’s what a new report published by Tinder states.

Released last week, the report took findings from two surveys, comparing Tinder users with those who dated online but didn’t use Tinder, as well as those who eschewed online dating entirely.

The surveys found that only nine percent of Tinder users think that it’s difficult to commit due to a wide array of dating options. For the both online and offline daters, that number was 42 and 44 percent respectively, which is a huge gap.

Comparing men only, 30 percent of offline daters found it “challenging to commit,” while only nine percent of Tinder’s men felt the same.

The difference could be down to how Tinder works. Instead of making users go crazy with the sheer amount of single prospects, actually seeing the dating pool — and speaking to a lot of them — could force users to have more realistic expectations about dating. We’ve all heard Tinder horror stories so it’s not surprising people on the app aren’t naive about what it’s really like out there.

The report also explored people’s attitudes toward love, safe sex and sexting. See it here.

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