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Professional snowboarder, photographer and artist Craig Abell-Champion recently partnered with Girl Skateboards for a special project centering around the label’s signature wooden OG dolls. Champion in turn customized three figurines, now featured on a trio of skate decks for Girl.

“The biggest challenge was to highlight how each OG doll operated while keeping the story simple. To be honest, stop motion is a super time consuming process so we had to keep it tight,” says Champion. “The through line is about social anxiety and our universal desire to be accepted. The pressure and worst-case scenarios we create in our heads freaks us the fuck out. We think the world is ending. Nine and half times out of ten it’s not.”

While the custom decks are available at select shops, the dolls further come to life in a short stop-motion piece, “The Devil Hates Funambulists,” written and directed by Champion. The film finds each doll ultimately attempting to connect with the others.

“The Devil Hates Funambulists” is scheduled to premiere April 27 on Crailtap.

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