If you’re still struggling to comprehend Pepsi’s ill-conceived and entirely offensive Kylie Jenner ad almost a month later, then perhaps this latest Heineken spot will be of interest. The Dutch beer giant has stepped into the political arena with its latest commercial, and thankfully, it gets everything right that Pepsi got wrong.

The segment sees a group of strangers with wildly conflicting social opinions thrust into a room where they’re tasked to build flatpack furniture together. At this point, however, their viewpoints are unclear, and most get on affably. After becoming acquainted, a video is played that reveals just how different they are in terms of issues such as climate change, transgender rights and feminism. Visibly shocked, they can either sit down with a cold one and discuss their differences, or walk away completely. The end results will surprise you.

The ad is lifted from Heineken’s new #OpenYourWorld campaign and poses the question, “Can two strangers with opposing views prove that there’s more that unites than divides us?” The reaction so far has been unanimously positive, as demonstrated by the tweets below:

Cheers, Heineken.

In other news, Pope Francis just gave a compassionate TED talk.

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