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Following his interview with AnOther magazine, London-based graphic designer and art director, Reilly, returns with more of his clever work this time as applied to real-life situations. Taking the current zeitgeist of luxury brands working with mass-market retailers and businesses a la Vetements, the London creative imagines IKEA’s iconic logo replaced with Demna’s current employer, Balenciaga.

German discount supermarket chain Lidl, meanwhile, gets the Lanvin treatment.

Reilly’s previous reworking of Margiela as McDonald’s and Supreme as Subway gets the real-life treatment as posters are replaced with the artist’s vision of it.

Celebrities, too, are no obstacle for Reilly who chose none other than Kanye West to play a 21st-century Colonel Sanders and Sylvester Stallone to front a fictitious Dior x Nike collaboration.

Lastly, Marc Jacobs, never the modest type, gets embellished with a Pizza Hut-style tattoo, while Elvis Presley looks like a champion in Chanel.

Let’s see what he comes up with next. In the meantime, here’s even more of his work.

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