Having art on your wall is one of those markers of adulthood. You’ve stopped moving every three months and finally settled into a place that’s actually nice enough to decorate.

If you’ve entered this stage in your life, you’ll know how horrible the task of hanging art can be. It’s impossible to know whether the frame is straight, which leads to multiple nightmarish attempts to get it right, because badly hung art is worse than no art at all.

Absolut’s new tool, Hangsmart, simplifies the experience and lets you mount, adjust and level any work of art. You mount the Hangsmart on your wall and then hang your frame on, pulling it down until it’s secure. Then you can move the frame as you like and the Hangsmart will auto-level as you go, ensuring it’s always straight.

You can support Hangsmart on its Kickstarter page here.

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