To make you feel even worse about your underpaid summer internship plans, Glassdoor has compiled a list of the highest paid interns in the U.S.

Unsurprisingly tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple rank high on the list. What is surprising however, is just how much these interns make. A summer stint at Facebook, who top the list, gets you a median salary of $8,000 a month — if that was a year-round job interns would be raking in a crazy $96,000 annually. To put things in perspective the median annual salary for Americans in 2015 was $55,775.

These aren’t your regular coffee-fetching internships however. Interns in these companies are usually very highly trained – think Masters or PhD, not undergrad — and expected to do real work.

Additionally, the headquarters of these companies is usually in cities like New York and San Francisco where cost of living is higher — though it’s not that high. To make things even sweeter for interns, TechCrunch point out that some internship packages include paid-for housing, stretching the already high income even further.

See the top 10 below and head over to Glassdoor to see the full list.

1. Facebook – Median Monthly Pay: $8,000
2. Microsoft – Median Monthly Pay: $7,100
3. Salesforce – Median Monthly Pay: $6,450
4. Amazon – Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
5. Apple – Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
6. Bloomberg – Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
7. Yelp – Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
8. Yahoo – Median Monthly Pay: $6,080
9. VMware – Median Monthly Pay: $6,080
10. Google – Median Monthly Pay: $6,000

In other news, Chance the Rapper is looking for an intern.

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