Over the years, the artist formerly known simply as Dawn Richard has morphed from pop-R&B chanteuse to experimental performer and burgeoning cultural provocateur. Her latest release is a thoughtfully conceived followup to 2016’s “Not Above That” virtual reality video.

This time, Richard’s technology fixation takes her to the realm of 3D and 4D interactive experiences. The video, directed by Monty Marsh with digital artists Sam Rolfes & Isaac Cohen, is split into two projects for the songs “Lazarus” and “Love Under Lights” respectively, first features a dancing Richard and a 4D digital plane that responds to mouse clicks with spatial shifts.

“Love Under Lights” sees the singer abandoning her tap shoes (literally) for an animated 3D field that is also fascinatingly interactive. When asked about the significance of each song Richard shared the following:

“Lazarus” is about the rebirth and rise of my movement. So many times the underdogs get slept on and overstepped. Lazarus speaks to those who get overlooked. “Love Under Lights” is about loving without prejudice. The verses speak on straight relationships, same-sex relationships and self love. It’s about loving out loud instead of hidden in the dark or secretly because of society’s opinion.

Press play to experience the video below, and don’t forget to interact with the landscape. Also note that due to the tech behind the video, it will only play properly on desktop and not mobile.

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Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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