While warmer weather might inspire a soundtrack of massive songs to turn up to, sometimes you just need to turn down, tune in, and drop out. LA vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist DOT’s debut album has got you covered. Breezy indie rock, futuristic R&B vibes, and delightfully wonky beats come together on 11 tracks threaded together with DOT’s celestial vocals.

We’ve got the exclusive on a full stream of the album before it officially drops Friday, May 12. While you get lost in the world of Retrofuture, get acquainted with the West Coast musician, Team Supreme collective member, and founder of Unspeakable Records in our Q&A below.

What does ‘Retrofuture’ mean to you?

I think of Retrofuture as a dream of the future from the perspective of the past, so I played with this idea in both the musical and lyrical content of this album. It’s such an exciting time to be an artist because of the unlimited access we have to recorded music from every era, so I wanted to pay homage to my favorite artists of the past by creating a record that sounds like their imagined future.

Tell us a bit about Team Supreme and what its like working as a collective?

Team Supreme is like my music family. It all started with a friendly challenge for a handful of us to make a 1-minute beat using a specific sample and BPM, then eventually turned into weekly cypher releases, shows, a label, and all sorts of other opportunities. Having a supportive group of producers to learn from and grow with has been a huge blessing, and I don’t think my production chops would be nearly as sharp if I didn’t have these guys pushing me to keep creating on a consistent basis.

What inspired you to start Unspeakable Records and what’s next for the label?

It’s no secret that women have been underrepresented throughout music history and in the present, so I wanted to create a space for female-identifying artists to produce and share their work on their terms, as well as provide music education resources and artist development programs. While we’ve been doing digital releases and hosting workshops for the past three years of the label’s existence, I’m excited to finally start putting music out on vinyl this year, and organize the first Unspeakable Tour this Fall.

What’s your favorite thing about the West Coast?

Besides the music scenes out here, I love living so close to nature and being able to easily escape the city for quick day-hikes or weekend trips. LA is an endlessly inspiring cultural hub, but I need to be able to find some quiet every now and then to clear my head and write, so it’s like having the best of both worlds.

Retrofuture is out Friday, May 12 on Unspeakable Records. If you’re digging it, buy it here.

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