It seems like Pepsi can’t get anything right. A little over a month after the Kendall Jenner fiasco, and the brand’s subsequent roasting on SNL and at real-life riots, Pepsi is back with another marketing stunt that people aren’t too excited about.

For a limited time only, the brand is releasing a new cinnamon-enhanced Pepsi, which sounds a lot like a non-alcoholic version of Fireball Whiskey. Dubbed ‘Pepsi Fire,’ the drink is apparently “an unexpected and spicy twist to our classic cola taste,” according to Pepsi’s press release.

People lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to get their hands on it early don’t seem to agree though, taking to social media to slam the combination.

It looks like the brand would be better off concentrating on bringing back the universally loved Crystal Pepsi and the delicious but Japan-only Sakura Pepsi.

Pepsi Fire will be available from May 22 until the end of June (you can also get it in slurpee form), from select 711’s across the U.S.

In other news, Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos are making a comeback.

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