Tune in and turn up

It’s really nothing new for a musician to hit viral status thanks to an over-the-top video. In following the likes of Rich Chigga, Lil Dicky and many others before them, meet Matt Ox.

Matt is an 11-year-old rapper from Philadelphia who has recently gained attention, not only because he’s a young trap artist, but thanks to videos like his most recent for “Overwhelming” — which follows up on “This N That” —  that just so happens to showcase the latest craze: fidget spinners.

Lately, we’ve been seeing these things absolutely everywhere, so why wouldn’t a music industry hopeful utilize such a phenomenon to help launch his own career?

In addition to playing with fidget spinners, Ox can be seen paling around with his pre-teen friends and riding dirt bikes throughout the Pipus & Kendra-directed aesthetic.

Press play above to check it out, then be sure to let us know what you think of the clip.

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