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Have you ever wondered what your DNA might sound like? Neither did we, until now.

London-based producer Max Cooper and Lumen Award winning visual artist Andy Lomas revisited a partnership that has seen them collaborating sporadically over the years. This time, the duo considered the sonic and visual properties of genetics. What would something as complex as human DNA sound like? Visually, how could it be presented in a way that is both understandable and whimsical?

The result is a five-track EP titled, Chromos, slated for release May 26. Two of the lead songs – “Chromos” and “Coils of Living Synthesis” – are directly inspired by the work of an actual scientist at Cambridge’s Babraham Institute. Dr Csilla Varnai, the scientist in question, is building computer models that can fully recreate our genetic information, allowing us a deeper understanding of our own makeup.

“We wanted to express the data is this unadulterated form, so you can experience the real science in action. It’s a glimpse into the complexity and form of one of the most important molecular structures in all of life. I wanted to try and capture some of this grandeur, along with the complex messiness involved, which still yields a coherent, functional outcome,” explained Cooper of the project.

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