Did You Know Deleting This App Could Almost Double Your Phone’s Battery Life?

In a personal report by mobile economist, John Koetsier, it was, rather unsurprisingly, discovered that by deleting a single app, you could almost double your phone’s battery life.

The “discovery” was made using an Apple iPhone 7, which was bought in the hope of having a strong enough battery to last the entire day. However, much to John’s dismay, it was soon discovered that Facebook, of all applications, was in fact responsible for draining the majority of his battery.

Now, to divulge details of the exact “battery use percentage” seen on John’s phone would certainly come to no avail, as everyone uses their phone differently, but what can be ascertained, is that Facebook is a surprisingly draining application, despite being one of the most used. Will Mark Zuckerberg fix this very obvious problem some time soon? Stay tuned for updates.

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