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Artist Daniel Arsham makes his South Korea debut with a solo exhibition at Seoul’s Galerie Perrotin. In addition to his “Time In Silence” project at Hyundai Motorstudio, consisting of eroded, non-functional musical instruments, his first solo exhibit in the country is “Crystal Toys,” a series of destructed teddy bears and children’s toys.

Building on the canon of Arsham’s Fictional Archeology series, which reimagines old keyboards, jackets, and other modern ephemera through the lens of future relics, Arsham uses precious materials and erosion techniques to reinterpret the cuddly creatures into haunting, colorful found objects.

The use of more vivid colors in Arsham’s work comes through a technological breakthrough that allowed the artist to overcome his colorblindness through a specially designed set of eyeglasses.

The exhibit opened this weekend, but if you can’t make your way to South Korea, we got an in-depth look. Check out some of the pieces in our gallery above.

Daniel Arsham’s “Crystal Toys” exhibit will be open from May 25-July 8 at Galerie Perrotin, Seoul.

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