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Last week, Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a deal that brings together most of the world’s nations in an effort to fight climate change.

In the video above, Oliver goes into detail about why this is such a catastrophic move while debunking a lot of the myths surrounding the Paris Agreement that “f*cking egomaniac” Trump himself has stated.

Despite major U.S. companies actually urging Trump to stay in the deal, the cornerstone of Trump’s argument to leave the deal is that according to him, it puts America at a “very, very big economic disadvantage.”

Oliver shows how ignoring climate change is actually costing American jobs, pointing out that China is creating over 13 million new jobs in renewable energy. “You know what? In a way, Trump is fulfilling his campaign promise. He is creating millions of new jobs – he’s just doing it for the wrong fucking country,” Oliver says.

As grim as this all is, there is a bright side. Olivier hopes this will finally motivate people to do something about climate change. “Trump may have inadvertently done us a tiny favor this week,” he says. “Apparently it was never quite enough for us to motivate ourselves out of love for this large, gassy orb. But maybe, just maybe we can now motivate ourselves to do something out of our loathing for this one.”

In happier news, Pride train posters on the MTA welcome everyone aboard.

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