Apple unveiled its iOS 11 operating system yesterday, and with it a ton of new and exciting features. However, for some reason, the company decided to keep one of the most useful updates almost completely under wraps.

Discovered by developers using the beta version of the system, the Smart Invert function, dubbed “Dark Mode,” dims the overall screen and changes certain colors to make it less abrasive on your eyesight. It’s perfect for late night browsing — but you really shouldn’t be doing that anyway.

It’s similar to the “Invert Colors” setting in iOS 10, designed specifically for people who are colorblind, only without the color warping.

While “Smart Invert” will definitely help save your eyes, it won’t stop your phone from keeping you awake. If late night scrolling is interrupting your sleep, you’d be better off using the “Night Shift” mode that makes colors warmer and removes the pesky blue light (blue light, fyi, interferes with your melatonin production and disrupts your circadian rhythm).

If that’s still not enough to get you to put down your phone, try switching to grayscale.

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