When taking psychedelics, it’s important to plan ahead. Whether it’s LSD or mushrooms, they’re not the kind of drug you want to be randomly accepting towards the end of the night without any forethought — especially if it’s your first time.

While there are a few LSD guides floating around the internet, this 1967 classic manual titled Session Games People Play by Lisa Bieberman is one of the best.

It starts by breaking down some common misconceptions about LSD. No you’re not going to have a “super sex experience” on it, it doesn’t have “magic powers,” and it won’t “improve your memory or I.Q.”

In terms of preparation, the guide tells you it’s important to make sure you actually like the people you’re planning to trip with, and to focus on positive emotions like “the things you care about, the people you love, the things you hope to do with your life.”

Bieberman also advises to let go of any resentment or jealousies you might have as they could cause you to have a bad experience. She also suggests starting with some good karma — “say something nice to your mother-in-law, or whoever fills that place in your world.”

On the day, Bieberman says to take the drug in a clean house where no strangers will come in, to turn off your phone, and to listen to quiet relaxing music — “nothing loud or weird.”

Bieberman also talks through simple drug-taking etiquette, like don’t bore your friends with all your inner neurosis, don’t compare your high to your friends and don’t stare too long at someone’s face — it’s just plain rude. Read the full guide here.

In other news, rap is the genre that mentions drugs the least, according to a new study.

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