As a part of the Summer of Mars Kickoff Event at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, NASA has unveiled its Mars 2020 Rover concept, which basically looks like something made for Batman.

The vehicle boasts a notably blacked-out look, complete with sharp edges and rigid lines, as well as aggressive-looking wheels.

This isn’t the final design for the Mars 2020 Rover, however, as the 28-foot-long ride was created as a showpiece for the aforementioned Summer of Mars event. According to NASA, they may take a few design cues from the concept.

We do know that the front area of the Rover will be equipped with radio and GPS, while the detachable rear will in turn serve as a mobile laboratory.

Ultimately, the Mars 2020 Rover will drill into the planet’s surface, searching for signs of past life, all in means of determining if humans could take advantage of Martian resources such as water and oxygen.

Earlier this year, NASA discovered seven Earth-size planets orbiting a nearby star.

Not NYC, not LA.

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