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When you think about stylish musicians, Third Eye Blind is probably not a group that comes to mind. But what you may not know is that lead singer Stephan Jenkins is quite the fashion enthusiast, with a real affinity for Rick Owens.

So in following specials with Luka Sabbat and Nick Wooster, Grailed has partnered with Jenkins for a new influencer sale, ahead of Third Eye Blind’s 20th anniversary ‘Summer Gods’ tour celebrating the band’s acclaimed debut album.

For sale from Stephan’s personal collection are pieces by Rick Owens, Christian Carol Poell, Label Under Construction and more. In addition to the clothing they’re making available, Grailed also sat down with the rockstar to discuss buying less, but better, and his most recent run-in with Tom Ford.

See below for some standout excerpts from the conversation.

Is that [Grailed] how you get a lot of your Rick Owens that you have now?

It’s sort of a story. Rick saw me wearing one of his dresses at Bonnaroo and he liked it, and we have a mutual friend, so—and, listen, nobody gets it for free—I’m sort of friends and family with Rick Owens now.

Many people around my age are huge fans of yours, but I personally had no idea that you were so interested in clothes. Is that something you keep to yourself? I feel like you don’t give a lot of interviews where you talk about your love of fashion, or am I wrong?

Well nobody asks me! I’m never good at talking about myself, but I love talking about fashion and clothes. I like talking about politics. I like talking about food. I like to talk, but when anybody ever interviews me, mostly it’s talking about me and music and I’m no good at it. I love the idea of us being able to talk about fashion. And I’m such a huge fan of Rick Owens that it’s fun to talk about him.

How did you first find out about Rick and his designs?

So I got my first Rick piece in like 2002, 2003, maybe ’04. I got it at the Archive in San Francisco. They were still carrying it and it was a leather jacket. I still have it. I wear the shit out of it and it looks great. It’s a lamb, lightly padded leather jacket. No collar. It’s just one of the most comfortable jackets. I love it. It’s great.

So when you were looking for pieces back then or even now, are you looking for stuff that’s going to work functionally when it comes to riding or are you thinking in just aesthetic terms of what looks good?

So I think about it a lot in San Francisco in terms of wind protection and fog, and will this piece actually work on a motorcycle? So I would hold my arms out and one of the nice things about Rick Owens is that the sleeves are really long, which is more comfortable on a bike and you don’t get the wind blowing up your arms.

Do you dress the same way to perform in front of thousands of people as you do to go to the supermarket? Are you the kind of guy that has a consistent look or is there some showmanship when it comes to dressing for a live performance like Bonnaroo, which you mentioned before?

Well, there I was wearing a dress and I don’t wear dresses most of the time. I was wearing a dress and boots. I think for the most part I dress different, but I don’t spend my day, you know, wearing normcore haha. I don’t wear dad hats and a flannel. Not that that’s a bad look.

Now be sure to head on over to Grailed to shop Stephan Jenkins’ wardrobe and to read the entire piece.

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