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New York-based menswear brand Death to Tennis has carved a unique niche in a city brimming with sartorial creativity and dozens of contemporary fashion labels. Now, founders Vincent Oshin and William Watson are focusing their talents on a new front: music videos. The duo connected with emerging talent Radamiz to style, conceptualize and co-creative direct the video for the Madwiz featured single “God Talks To Me A Lot,” which appears on the rapper’s 2016 Writeous EP.

It might seem like a surprising new direction for Death to Tennis, but in reality it isn’t. Prior to launching the brand Oshin was music journalist, DJ and stylist so in many ways it’s a return to his roots in the music community. “The inspiration for the video came mainly from the song title to be honest, showcasing talented leaders of tomorrow. Given the times that we live in, powerful words such as these give hope regardless of belief,” Oshin shared.

For Radamiz, who collaborated closely with the brand throughout the entire process, the video was more about showcasing the authentic New York he knows and loves; it’s a city that is deeply tied to his Dominican heritage and multicultural upbringing. And, as a quintessential child of the ’90s, there is also heavy inspiration from that time period.

“After a while, being in New York specifically, you notice there are so many artists who don’t represent their culture and upbringing just to appeal to whatever is commercially hot or socially acceptable in hip-hop,” Radamiz explained. “We wanted to be truer to the city, give a simple yet tastefully nostalgic video. We still wanted some fly shit – still Death to Tennis, brotherly love, nothing forced, everything organic. ‘God Talks To Me A Lot’ is a bump: enjoy the self-belief, the honesty, the energy. I couldn’t really breathe with the Dominican Republic flag covering my whole face but it was worth it.”

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  • Photographer: Thana Brick
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