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The Skateroom and The Andy Warhol Foundation are once again partnering up for a special release, delivering more new skate decks featuring designs by the late artist, all as a part of an ongoing collaboration with The Beyeler Foundation during Art Basel 2017.

Subject of the project is “Flowers,” which was created by Warhol in the mid-’60s, drawing inspiration from a photograph of seven hibiscus flowers by Patricia Caulfield.

The Skateroom will in turn use the profits from this limited edition collection towards the operational costs for charitable NGO Skateistan.

“The Skateroom understands the relevance of contemporary art on skate culture. We were also impressed by The Skateroom’s desire and ability to execute unique Warhol decks that embody and embrace the artist’s non-conformist spirit,” said Michael Hermann of The Andy Warhol Foundation. “Lastly, as a non-profit organization ourselves, The Skateroom’s embrace of Skateistan helped us understand that some of our world views were aligned.”

Limited to 500 units, the set of six Andy Warhol decks welcomes hand screen print.

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