Pokémon GO is rolling out yet another update, this time in celebration of the game’s anniversary. Gyms will soon be more accessible than ever before, while gamers will also be able to partner with friends in order to go on raids against extremely powerful Pokémon.

Upon release, one team’s Pokémon will be able to take advantage of any of six gym slots, while the character ruling over the gyms will have a new stat called “motivation.” In essence, another team’s Pokémon will lose motivation over a period of time, thus becoming more susceptible to defeat. You yourself can then also strengthen your own Pokémon with berries, all while earning gym badges that allow you to level up, potentially obtaining better items at PokeStops and gyms.

In the coming weeks, raids will allow you to join forcers with nearby players, giving you a better chance of defeating Pokémon to powerful to overtake one-on-one. All in all, up to 20 players can go at it during a raid, but you’ll need a raid pass to join in on the fun.

Not NYC, not LA.

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