While sliding into the DMs is usually reserved for hookups, on the most recent episode of The Late Show Seth Rogen & Stephen Colbert used it slightly differently — sliding into Donald Trump Jr.’s DMs to convince him to tell his dad to resign.

Rogen explains to the late night host that when he found out the president’s son followed him, he had to contact him.

Unfortunately, Trump Jr. was not convinced. According to the comedian, Trump Jr. “ice’d me on that one, which was shocking, because I tried to be polite.” He then sent a series of late night DMs to persuade the president’s son to encourage his father to investigate his administration’s ties to Russia and, of course, resign.

Those messages also failed to garner a response, so Colbert and Rogen came together to “tag team” Trump Jr., inviting him to smoke one up with them, as long as he didn’t invite James Franco. We’re still waiting to see what he says.

Watch the hilarious video above and the full series of DMs below.

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