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The 56 new emoji first unveiled back in March have arrived after the Unicode Consortium released version 10.0 of the Unicode Standard — but we still might have to wait a while to use them.

For those confused as to just WTF Unicode is, it’s the organization that oversees the creation of new emoji. The latest Unicode iteration introduces 8,518 characters, resulting in an overall total of 136,690.

Included in the new pack of icons is everything from broccoli and a brain, to a breastfeeding mom and bitcoin. The flags section has been updated, as has the animal and food sections. There are nine new smiley face symbols, too.

In December, Apple added about 72 new emoji issued with the Unicode 9.9 standard. While the new pictographs are good to go, it will most likely take a little while longer before carriers update their operating systems to make this new set available for use.

Unicode depends on each tech company to make its updates available, and that means they’re often rolled out on different schedules. Stay tuned for more information.

While you wait, check out this op-ed on why diversifying emoji is a pointless battle.

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