Ever since wearing Thrasher became a fashion statement (something which the magazine’s editor-in-chief hates), the publication-cum-brand has been plagued by retailers ripping off its merch — Forever 21 and H&M being the most recent offenders.

Now, Thrasher has decided to preempt the next rip-off by releasing its own “knockoff” merch. Designed by Dutch artist Parra, the teased shirts and jacket feature a messed-up logo that reads “Tharsher magazin.”

We ripped off ourselves! KNOCK-OFF jacket and shirts shipping to skateshops now. Artwork by @pietparra ✍?

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While its unclear if the merch will arrive on Thrasher’s official site, according to its caption the tees and jackets are “shipping to skateshops now.” So cop in person and support your local skateshop.

In other news, SEX Skateboards and Dogtown Skates unleash new dip-dyed streetwear.

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