Super Mario Bros. fans get excited, for AR developer Abhishek Singh has transformed the first level into an augmented reality game — testing it out in New York’s Central Park.

In the above video, we can see exactly what Singh saw through his Microsoft Hololens headset, as well as what he looked like to the rest of the world.

Obviously, Mario isn’t played first person, so the perspective of the game is totally different. Instead of having to jump on all the blocks like Mario, Singh simple walks around them. Though he does jump up to hit the blocks above to collect the coins — and stamps on a few Goopas.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t officially licensed so it’s not available in the Hololens store. But as Singh proves, Super Mario Bros. translates wonderfully into AR so Nintendo would be crazy not to start developing it.

In other news, SEGA Forever brings classic games to iPhone and Android for free.

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