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Would you fly across the world with an epic original track to get the girl you love? Emerging Australian artist, Leng Hock did. In Hock’s latest track, “All The Way,” he dives into a personal tale of how new love turned into nine months of long distance that was eventually called to an end. Hock’s story is a classic tale of the one that got away, but he hopes to turn things around with this new track. Hock says, “I’m on a mission to make sure that the one I’m supposed to be with doesn’t get away.”

The last record we heard from Hock six months ago revealed the artists feelings of leaving the love of his life in Texas to return to his native Australia. In “All The Way,” we hear the inspirational continuation of his personal journey. The single, which can be described as a blend of R&B, electronica, and hip hop also includes a video of Hock’s travels for love.

The video features real life footage of Hock’s journey back to America, where he faced unexpected difficulty: he was detained at LAX, hardly making it through customs. Other parts of the video come from clips of Hock’s favorite anime, nu x Boku SS and Terror in Resonance and the film Fallen Angels.

We have the exclusive on Leng Hock’s “San Antonio,” written immediately after he parted ways with the love of his life in the Texas city. Despite the fact that she was in a relationship with someone else, he flew to San Antonio to propose to her. Although it didn’t work out, he’s glad he took a chance and went for it, and will never have to wonder, “What if?”

When asked what he’d learned about love from his experience, Hock shared, “Don’t take what you have for granted. Guys are very status driven and once we have something great we want the next best thing. But we should learn to detach ourself from our ambition sometimes. And give into our emotions. Especially my generation we’re so bad at this. We self medicate instead of feeling, I’m a culprit of this. Don’t be afraid to feel. I’m working on that everyday.”

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