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The U.S. isn’t exactly known for its great labor laws. Unions aren’t widespread, there is no federally mandated parental or even maternal leave, and in some states it’s actually legal to fire someone because they are gay, trans or have dreadlocks.

But one Chicago-based tech company is going above and beyond to make things better for its workers. Basecamp, a web development company, offers employees $5,000 each year to spend on a vacation, three weeks paid vacation time, a 4-day week during the summer, and 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, alongside regular healthcare, 401(k) matching policies and the option to work remotely.

The company also gives employees $100 a month for home massages, $100 for fresh produce, a fully paid month sabbatical every three years, and $1,000 a year towards further education — whether directly related to your career or not.

Jason Fried, Basecamps CEO, doesn’t want to stop there. “I’d love to continue to give more and more things to make people happier and more comfortable,” he told Business Insider. “I’m just running out of ideas for it.”

Unsurprisingly, Basecamp’s turnover is extremely low but keep an eye on its job site, just in case.

In other news, Google’s new job search lets you check all major jobs boards.

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