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Hype is seriously building around the release of the Galaxy Note 8. While Samsung has confirmed very little, rumors and leaks have shed light on the Galaxy Note 8 release date, price and what we can expect from the phone’s design —  including side-by-side comparisons with the Galaxy S8 and what colorways to expect.

What we’ve seen from the Galaxy Note 8 so far is so impressive, we’d even wager to say that the iPhone 8 could have some serious competition — as long as it doesn’t blow up this time.

Scroll down to the design section to get the latest update on how the Galaxy Note 8 will actually look and check back for updates as they come.

Galaxy Note 8 Price & Release Date

The Galaxy Note 8 release date is disputed, but it should arrive some time in the next few months. Samsung traditionally launches new Note handsets at the IFA tech show in Berlin which happens in early September, though South Korean media are reporting that the phone will launch August 26 in New York, to beat the iPhone 8 to market.

The Galaxy Note 8 price is rumored to be $1,000, making it Samsung’s most expensive phone to date.

Galaxy Note 8 Design

[UPDATE] August 1, 2017 6.38 a.m. EST — The latest leak, courtesy of reporter Evan Bass, shows two renders of the Galaxy Note 8. The first gives us a front look at the phone, with an all black colorway, while the second shows both black and gold colorways from the back and sides.

Another user compared this latest render with the Galaxy S8. It was previously reported that the Note 8 would have a similar design and infinity display to the S8, but looking at a side-by-side comparison, we can see that the Note 8 is slightly less curved than Samsung’s Galaxy S8, and also seems to have smaller bezels.

A previous recent leak shows the front screen will be curved like the S8, but it will be even bigger with a 6.3-inch display and a 19.5:9 elongated aspect ratio to make it easier to hold.

Another rendered leak shows that the Galaxy Note 8 will be moving its fingerprint sensor to the back. This will disappoint some users who were hoping it would somehow be integrated into the front display, like the rumored iPhone 8. The render below looks very similar to the Galaxy S8, however, the sensor is moved farther away from the camera to avoid accidentally smudging it while unlocking it — one of the biggest complaints with the S8.

Galaxy Note 8 Camera

The Galaxy Note 8 will include a dual camera with some next-level sensors, according to rumors. At the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, Samsung detailed a dual camera which included twin 13MP sensors with 1.12 micron pixels and f/2.0 aperture lenses, as part of its ISOCELL image sensor technology. The sensors were optimized for low light shooting and each camera focused on a separate aspect of the image — one for color and one for black and white – to ensure you get the clearest results.

Though the company never confirmed this tech would be implemented into the Galaxy Note 8 — considering how close we are to its release date, and the fact the phone is rumored to have dual cameras — it seems unlikely that it would be left out.

Galaxy Note 8 Specs & Features

The Galaxy Note 8 specs and features include a 4K display, Bixby personal assistant, S Pen and enhanced VR compatibility.

The higher resolution UHD (ultra-high definition) 4K Super AMOLED display will allow for an improved VR experience, while the company’s new Bixby personal assistant arrives courtesy of Viv Labs, whose owners are responsible for creating Siri for iOS. Bixby, however, is rumored to be far more advanced than Siri.

Lastly, the new Galaxy Note 8 will come equipped with an enhanced S Pen functionality and updated iris scanner, which debuted on the Note 7.

Internal specs reveal that the Galaxy Note 8 will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 6GB of RAM, alongside a 3,300 mAh battery size, which is smaller than the 3,500 mAh battery inside of the Galaxy Note 7, most likely to avoid any the repeat of battery-related fires as seen in the Note 7.

The phone will also be available with either 64GB or 128GB storage and will have a microSD slot letting users increase their storage up to 256GB.

In other news, a Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini could be on the way.

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