If there’s one thing that gets most of us through the day, it’s music. Whether we’re scrolling through SoundCloud looking for mood tunes to help alleviate a case of the Mondays, or listening to a mixtape someone has sent our way, not a day goes by without some kind of music playing in our offices.

Since our inboxes tend to get inundated with projects from artists interested in coverage, we’re spotlighting some of the quietly wondrous singles that find their way to us each week. These artists may not have conquered the Billboard 100 (yet) but they’ve all got something unique to offer, and they’re all worth getting to know.

Scroll through to see our 10 under the radar tracks to discover this week, and stay tuned for a fresh selection next week.


Who: RYAN Playground

Where: Montreal

Sounds Like: Singing a pop song really loudly inside a tunnel full of traffic with an autotune.

“For Kate I Wait”

Who: Butter

Where: Los Angeles

Sounds Like: Dancing at the perfect house party that sums up your entire teenage experience.

“XO TOUR Llif3” (DJ Mustard Remix)

Who: Lil Uzi Vert & DJ Mustard

Where: Atlanta & Los Angeles

Sounds Like: Fooling everyone by stunting when really you’re heartbroken and bae-less.


Who: Dylan the Gypsy

Where: New York

Sounds Like: Dylan doin’ it one time for the Cancers.

“Want Your Body”

Who: Falcons

Where: Los Angeles

Sounds Like: The exact moment in the club where all of your intoxicants align and the music drops, at the same damn time.

“Still Loathe You (7o2)”


Where: New York

Sounds Like: If Aaliyah shopped at Hot Topic and secretly went to drum and bass raves.

“Minds Eye Melody”

Who: Lone

Where: London

Sounds Like: A majestic bird flying through a sunrise.


Who: Blackmagic & Fetty Wap

Where: London

Sounds Like: Man emotions served with Afrobeats and a dash of acid jazz.


Who: Ye Ali ft. Izaïah

Where: Los Angeles

Sounds Like: Traphouse Jodeci vibin’ for the ladies.

“Future Not Materialized”

Who: Schacke

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Sounds Like: A Danish warehouse rave circa 5 AM.

“Fast Love”

Who: Chaisley Lussier

Where: Los Angeles

Sounds Like:  Your internal soundtrack for when you break up with that no-good loser and stare off into the distance, a single tear falling slowly down your cheek.

  • Contributors: Jake Boyer, Bianca Giulione
Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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