Tune in and turn up

Some artists express their heartbreak with supremely dreary anguish, others take the opposite route and transform their sadness into wild joy. Cartaé, a rising chanteuse hailing from North West London, fortunately belongs to the latter group. And it is fortunate because of “Long Time,” the dazzlingly vivid video to her new single making its world premiere right here. Watch it above.

Directed by Taz Tron Delix and featuring clothing designed and created by the artist herself, the video is a sumptuous, psychedelic feast for the eyes. It is perhaps only matched by the song itself, a dizzying collage of ’90s R&B, ’80s bubblegum synth pop and a razor-sharp wit that is wholly Cartaé’s. Speaking on the video, she says that it “is basically what goes on inside my mind. I see everything in an abstract way so this is my way of dealing with heartache and trying to move on whilst juggling the insecurities that come with chasing love.”

Stay tuned for more from Cartaé.

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