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The architecture firm Killa Design has unveiled Dubai’s first fully functional 3D-printed office for the Dubai Future Foundation. The building will also be used as an exhibition space for all the next big innovations in the district.

The office was made with a 3D printer that is 200 ft high, 120 ft long and 40 ft wide. The process took 17 days to complete and two days to place on the site. The landscaping, installing of services, and fully furnishing the inside took about three months, making the entire process extremely efficient.

The employees will be given a lot of natural light due to the layout. The rooms were made with large windows and openings in effort to bind nature with the creative energy the workers are set to have. There are private meeting rooms for more intimate discussions and an open lounge/gallery which is where the exhibitions will be held. Killa Design’s Ben Piper and Head Architect on the project made a conscious effort to create an environment that truly brings teams together, using his own beliefs as fuel to push collaboration and the envelope for the way work areas are designed.

The cost was 50% less than a building similar in size done the traditional way, something that will surely be taken into account for architects and developers that now see how clean this can be done. Will we be seeing more 3D printed building and homes in the future?

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