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Online grocery shopping looks to get more mainstream as San Francisco tech entrepreneurs have created a start-up called Brandless.

Based in San Francisco, this online retailer charges just $3 USD for nearly all of its two hundred products featured.

Co-founder Tina Sharkey shared that the goal is to “democratize goodness,” by spending money on better products rather than having it in “hype” like brick-and-mortar supermarkets, TV ads, and brand mascots that often makes products cost up to 40 percent more, which results into why the products are cheap, and none of the items offered are brand names.

While every item isn’t a money saver, with Jif beating Brandless by nine cents per ounce on peanut butter, for example, and Kraft being a forty two-cent cheaper option for macaroni and cheese — Brandless is still limited in what it offers because everything is a packaged nonperishable, so it doesn’t have any produce, bread, frozen goods, dairy, or meat for sale.

The nice trade-off, however, is that with Brandless, the products are non-GMO, environmental-friendly, and free of preservatives or other artificial ingredients, as well being “well over half” are organic, the company says.

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