With the world’s numerous media facets flooded with complications, antics, inflated egos, and all the rest you might expect to accompany one of the world’s most anticipated boxing matches, the spate of press appearances from Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor just received the bad lip reading they deserve.

With McGregor being the notable protagonist in almost every publicized feud (as always), we can now be forever thankful to the good folks over at Bad Lip Reading for breaking the monotony. With one conference decending into a complete farce, Drake rearing his head at another, and McGregor sending a “fuck you” to Mayweather by way of his suiting choice, it is safe to assume that all of this is getting rather long in the tooth.

With McGregor being a man of “interesting” taste, do yourself a favor and check out something he might even wear with the latest offering from Junya Watanabe MAN and The North Face.

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