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[UPDATE] December 12, 2017 07:21 a.m. EST: The Ataribox console is available for pre-order as of this Thursday, December 14. The device is expected to sell between $250 – $300 and will be officially rolled out in Spring 2018. Further information is scarce, but stay posted for more details as they emerge.

Following an announcement of the new Ataribox, Atari now provides us with a first look at its upcoming gaming console.

While a clear nod to the iconic console, the Ataribox is not merely a miniature version a la the NES Classic. You will in turn find ports for an SD card, HDMI and four USBs, alongside woodgrain and black glass cosmetic options.

In addition to offering classic Atari games, the Ataribox will also run new, current titles.

For now, this is pretty much all we have surrounding Atari’s forthcoming console, so you’ll want to check back with us for more details including price points and a release date.

Not NYC, not LA.

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