Amsterdam-based fashion imprint Bonne is firmly on the rise for doing something that’s resolutely simple yet revolutionary right now. At a time where industry conversation is dominated by cyclic trends, logo-flipping, and statement appropriation, Bonne is stripping back all of the noise.

Bonne offers just one utilitarian piece of clothing that’s oblivious to any trend, occasion, sex, age, or coded social expectation. It’s simply a double-breasted jacket and pleated pants made out of standard heavy cotton and you can wear it anytime and anywhere.

The suit brand is the brainchild of Dutch stylist Bonne Reijn who always felt there no brand which offered a piece that was utilitarian, timeless, accessible and yet offered limitless possibilities to style up and down with personality.

So, in 2014 he designed a batch of black and white two-pieced suits, which have since evolved into 170 different color ways, as well as collaborations with artists. However, the core product offering remains strictly simple and unisex.

We’ve rounded up Bonne’s most stylish product offerings, and we seriously urge you to invest in a hard wearing, hard working, and totally timeless suit that you’ll never get bored of.

The Lavender Suit

The Blue Water Suit

The White Suit

The Navy Suit

The Black Suit

The Red Suit

The Velvet Copper Suit

The Vevlet Navy Suit

The Gray Suit

The Red Suit

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Words by Kam Dhillon
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