There’s no arguing that Jonah Hill is one of the most visible actors in the world right now. With two Oscar noms under his belt, an enshrined place among Hollywood’s highest paid actors list and Leonardo DiCaprio’s inner-circle, it’s no surprise that the actor is a regular tabloid fixture.

However, all the paps seem to catch him doing is walking his dog, hanging with friends, enjoying a cold brew and generally being a regular guy whose only reportable scandal seems to be his fluctuating weight.

While the greasy tabloids clamor for Jonah’s messy moment that just won’t come, Hill’s closely papped lifestyle has evolved into a library of looks rather than anything remotely salacious. It’s full-proof that his off-duty style is seriously on-point, though.

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The streetwear world has its eyes wide open too and the Four Pins’ twitter timeline has basically evolved into an unofficial Jonah Hill ‘fit watch channel.

Given Jonah’s surge in public attention, the likes of Page Six are now an unlikely resource for streetwear inspo, and every time Jonah plasters the pages, he can always be seen wearing a considered uniform of relaxed everyday staples but with a distinct individualist twist.

Whether that’s a low-key prop to rising brands like Dime or Richardson, a statement salute to Supreme or strategically wearing a Palace sweatshirt in front of five million people on Saturday Night Live, his approach to fashion is all consistently casual but incredibly thoughtful.

Noah Johnson at GQ Style has gone as far proudly proclaims Jonah as a “style God”. “The culture needs guys like him. We rely on them for progress. To keep us looking ahead. Resisting stagnation,” says Johnson with utter zeal.

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Those are mighty big words, but when streetwear deities like Palace reciprocate Jonah’s love by asking the actor to appear in a promotional campaign for its NYC store opening and Reebok collab, there’s got to be a degree of truth behind such impassioned public decrees like Noah Johnson’s?

We’ve rounded up ten of Jonah Hill’s most iconic style moments that proves he is the (un)official ambassador of streetwear in Hollywood.

Always Outdressing the Rest

Leonardo DiCaprio might enjoy a bigger slice of fame than Jonah but his style totally pales in comparison. Just look at Jonah’s discretely steezy get up featuring easy-to-wear, timeless staples such as a monochrome letterman jacket.

This viral image sees DiCaprio pretending to be a sloppy fan wildly invading Jonah’s personal space, and understandably, Jonah looks a little shooketh because DiCaprio doesn’t exactly look Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor but more like someone who got dressed in K-Mart with their eyes closed.

Cool for the Summer

Yes, that’s Jonah delivering an expert lesson in summer styling. A breathable polo shirt paired with jeans, sneakers and topped off with a baby blue Palace cap is remarkably simple but effective. It’s worth noting that Jonah’s love for skatewear brands is more authentic than the average Hollywood hunk.

According to Complex, the actor has been skateboarding since 2011, and according to since-deleted tweets, Hill picked up skating in 2011, tweeting “Can land kick-flip holding onto something,” on June 2, 2011.

Keep It Casual

Jonah’s dramatic weight loss has seen him closely followed by every tabloid out there, and while his new look is certainly different, the actor’s penchant for killer style remains the same. Even while wearing superbly simple get-up, Jonah proves his personal style infinitely surpasses any of his Hollywood counterparts.

Jonah Hearts Palace

It’s no secret that Jonah stans hard for London-based streetwear imprint Palace, and before becoming the brand’s NYC spokesperson, he unabashedly donned the brand head-to-toe on the streets of NYC. Here the actor wears an Adidas Originals x Palace soccer jersey, Palace Pants, and Fucking Awesome x Vans Epoch 94 Pro and he really DGAF.

True and True

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The meme makers hath spoken and it seems as though summer 2k17 is the official season of thirsting without abandon when it comes to all things Jonah. Here, Jonah demonstrates how low-key style is doable even in the stickiest of summers. If you’re gonna do a tank top, make sure it’s muted and pair with sneakers such as Vans that pretty much go with anything and everything.

Get That Camp Collar

Jonah’s new slimmer frame has seen the actor widen his repertoire of summer oversized steez, and this camo camp collar moment proves how a subtle yet statement-y print can add some fire to your ‘fit with effortless ease.


Haha every dad growing up? #lmao #? #lol #meme #memes #jokes #haha #clothing #fashion #jonahhill

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Jonah is obviously paying attention to the key trends of the season, including the daddy-inspired outdoor tech wear which took firm hold at the likes of Balenciaga and Martine Rose. There’s no doubt Jonah has been mood-boarding plenty of SS18 shows and the resulting ‘fit mediates these disparate runway references into a look that reads at “Dad at Home Depot”.

Props to the New Gen

@jonahhill_ x @illegalciv

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Yes, that’s a delightfully demure Jonah Hill in a steezy striped shirt from Illegal Civilization – an LA-based skatewear brand on the come up who we just endorsed as one to watch in our latest Under the Radar series. Jonah rolls up those sleeves to reveal his tatted forearm and buttons down for a laid-back look.

Keep it Cool

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ?. #JonahHill #vans

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While countless Hollywood A-listers probably employ a team of stylists to manicure their “grocery store fit”, Jonah’s approach to style is as relatable as it is progressive. Here’s a perfect example of how a haphazard rummage through your closet can result in a ‘fire fit. No doubt Jonah just throw on that green hoodie and walked straight out that door.

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  • Featured Image: GC Images / GQ
Words by Kam Dhillon
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