[UPDATE – July 27, 07:00 a.m. EST] If David August’s suit was too rich for your tastes at $6,500, a cheaper alternative has made its way online courtesy of fuckyousuits.com. These knock-offs cost a fraction of the original, with the suit jacket and pants coming in at $399.99 and $299.99, respectively. A $49.99 wallet and $49.50 tie is also available. 

Imagine turning up to a wedding in this? The infamous “fuck you” suit which Conor McGregor wore in his first media face off with Floyd Mayweather has just been made available to cop.

The suit, which on first glance appears normal, substitutes pinstripes for the words “fuck you” throughout. In a night of bold proclamations and personal barbs, it was arguably the biggest talking point and immediately went viral.

The outfit was custom-made for McGregor by luxury LA tailors David August. Now, for a limited time, the company is adding the fabric as an option in its made-to-measure collection. Each suit will come numbered and signed by company owner David August.

To add the pop culture phenomenon to your wardrobe, click the button above. Orders are expected to take between 12 to 15 weeks to complete.

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