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This “Home in the Pine Forest” designed by Ramon Esteve wants you to have a view of its Mediterranean garden in every room.

The home is located in the suburbs of the Spanish port city of Valencia, and overlooks a vast garden surrounded by pine trees. With the home at the top of its surroundings, the space is “dominating the environment.”

While the northern part of the home is meant to be closed off and private, the living room acts as a place for calmness and was made to feel like a studio. The southern portion of the home is extremely open and meant to give its inhabitants the feeling of privacy and true escapism.

The color palette was influenced by the natural colors around the Spanish home, consisting mostly of greens and browns inspired by the forest. The main materials are concrete, stone, slate, and wood. The finishings on the interior are sleek and contemporary, including many wall to wall windows to dramatize each view.

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Words by Noah Thomas
Assistant Editor
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