Highsnobiety and ’47 are showcasing individuals that represent Boston’s fearlessly creative spirit. Whatever their craft, the city has undoubtedly influenced it, and in turn, they’ve had a profound impact on the city’s contemporary image. Our latest installment features a proud Bostonian rapper on a mission to put the city’s hip hop scene on the map: Michael Christmas.

Christmas’ love for Boston is unconditional and he’s not afraid to shout about its talent and potential. He regularly takes to Twitter to share his support for the city. “Talking to kids last night made me realize the Boston music and art is gonna get so big,” he tweeted early last year.

In our latest video with ’47, Christmas walks us through the neighborhood and tells us what keeps Boston’s heart beating. We see his love for the city reciprocated as others greet him warmly in the street and he discusses the proud feedback he gets from fellow Bostonians.

The day-to-day connections we see Christmas engaging in is evidence that he’s an everyman rapper. It’s something he acknowledges on his track “Not the Only One” which features the hook, “I’m still fuckin’ up all the time, I know I’m not the only one. I still can’t get shit right, I know I’m not the only. I feel like staying in tonight, I know I’m not the only one. Today I didn’t go outside, I know I’m not the only one.”


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As we’ve seen throughout the series, Boston isn’t short of talent, and if Christmas gets his way, it’ll soon be recognized as a rap capital, too.

Along with Boston’s ’47, Highsnobiety is telling the story of people who’ve helped turned one of the oldest cities in America into a cultural hub. With hometown pride and the fearlessness to define success on their own terms, these people embody ’47’s mantra to “let your you out.” Check out our previous videos with Concepts’ Deon Point and artist Fish McGill for more from Boston’s flourishing creative scene.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor
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