Here is the latest entry in our partnership with COLORS BERLIN, an online music channel that aims to break down the barriers of the musical landscape. ALL COLORS NO GENRES is their main mission – from hip-hop to indie, electronica, R&B and pop, COLORS BERLIN allows artists to present themselves and their work in a contemporary way. We’ve teamed up with them on a series of video shorts in which artists are invited to perform one of their own tracks in the COLORS studio.

Unlike many artists, CRO’s rose to the top of his game almost immediately. His 2012 debut album Raop and 2014’s Melodie both quickly made it to the top of the charts. Despite his nearly overnight success, CRO remained eager to explore other artistic endeavors – working on a film and going out on his very own MTV Unplugged Tour – all the while continuing to write lyrics, produce music and experiment with ideas.

The German artist’s upcoming album is set to be his most open and honest work thus far, so stayed tuned for his new music that will give you a glimpse behind his mask.

Revisit 2015’s MTV Unplugged below.

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