Virgil Abloh and Alex Olsen are just two of the big names to feature in Paris Is For Lovers — a personal fashion documentary about famed French photographer and artist Viktor Vauthier.

The movie provides a candid insight into Vauthier’s daily life, shining a light on his personal hobbies as well as his artistic vision. As many will know, Vauthier played a pivotal role in shaping the Bianca Chandon aesthetic, and so it’s no surprise Olsen holds the Frenchman in the highest regard. “Viktor was perfect for everything that happened, [and played a pivotal role] in getting Bianca to where it is today,” says the skater-cum-fashion designer.

Watch above, and follow Vauthier’s Instagram right here.

Staying with French fashion, A.P.C. has just introduced a new capsule of jersey pieces.

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