Cop It, Then Rock It

Urban Outfitters might be a titan on the retail landscape, and since the demise of American Apparel (RIP), it’s one of the only mass market retailers with an individualist handwriting. The store has long been a fave among young, hip things for its idiosyncratic mixture of lifestyle with luxury, off-beat in-store aesthetics, and a personality-driven approach to fashion.

As well as carrying an array of trending brands, UO boasts its own in-house line of labels and BDG is one of its staples. Traditionally, the BDG brand draws from the collegiate crowd, reworking classic silhouettes with more original twists.

The current collection riffs on obvious visual trends from Gucci as well as the graphic astuteness pioneered by Supreme and the result is a covetable collection of strongly streetwear inflected garms.

We’ve rounded up our favorite pieces below.

BDG Cropped Floral Jeans

BDG x Urban Renewal Side Stripe Painted Jeans

BDG Stonewash Denim Coverall

BDG Embroidered Trucker Jacket

BDG Embroidered Trucker Jacket

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Words by Kam Dhillon
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