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Located in China at Changchun, Jilin Province is this spectacular new restaurant project called Waka Haiku Setsugekka, focusing heavily on Japanese cuisine.

Designed by chief architect Sun Tianwen of Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co., the aesthetic oozes minimalism throughout its entirety. The restaurant is individually covered in ultra-clear glass engraved with sakura, alongside blue LED light emitting over black walls and ceilings.

This harmonious blend of space, color, and layout reflects the sense of zen that Tianwen utilizes in order to influence people’s thoughts and behavioral pattern across the restaurant.

Further conveying the customer’s core values and aspirations, the restaurant itself is a reflection of the ‘setsugekka,’ an important aspect of Japanese culture, referring to the seasons of the year (the three whites) — blue-white (winter), yellow-white (fall) and pink-white (spring). The essence of the restaurant is simply captured with these three hues dominating the interior space in vivid LED lighting.

If you’re near or traveling to the area, this restaurant is truly a place to visit.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

Renz Ofiaza is a Staff Writer at Highsnobiety and based in Brooklyn.

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